You can pay for the Swimmo order using European SEPA wire transfer. 

Here are bank details if you want to make a wire:
IBAN: PL26 2490 0005 0000 4600 3297 7824

Amount: 199 EUR (if you want to have one Swimmo)
Payment title: „Swimmo Preorder” + your email

Payment beneficiary: Swimmo sp. z o.o.
Beneficiary address: Baraniaka 88E/F, 61-131 Poznan
Beneficiary country: Poland

Bank Name: Alior Bank S.A.
Bank Address Line 1: Lopuszanska 38D
Bank Address Line 2: 02-232 Warszawa
Bank Address Country: Poland

Please make sure if you are using European SEPA wire transfer to select SHA payment instruction. If you are sending wire transfer as an international wire ourside European Union please use "OUR" payment instruction. This way we will receive your payment in full and we will be able to process the order. 

More details here:

After receiving the payment from you, we will send you an invoice to confirm your order. We will also ask you about all details needed i.e.: your full name, shipping address, email as well as the color of the watch.

If you need any more details let me know

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