Right now, card payment is the only instant form of payment for Swimmo in our online shop. We accept all major credit, debit and prepaid cards.

We accept almost any card - no matter where you live

  • VISA (all types of VISA cards, including VISA Electron)
  • MasterCard (including Maestro, Debit MasterCard and Cirrus) 
  • American Express (Amex) 
  • Discover
  • China UnionPay (via Discover Network) 
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

If you have card of other brand...

Please check that your card is dual-branded with any of the above accepted brands. If local issuer of your card permits cardholders to use them internationally, then the card usually is co-branded with the more recognized brand (VISA or MasterCard) for international payment processing.

These dual-branding cards can be found for example in Germany (Girocards), Denmark (Dankort), France (Carte Bleue Internationale) and other countires.

Unfortunately, some card issuers don't use dual-branding to limit cards to domestic transations only. Examples include RuPay (limited to India only), V PAY (limited to European Union merchants only), and Italy's Bancomat cards (only some part) which are currently not accepted by our payment gateway.

If you are having difficulties in payment authorization

In short make sure that:

  • All details are valid - expecially verification code matches what is on the card
  • Your bank is not declining online international transactions (we are U.S. based)
  • Your card country and shipping country match (to prevent fraud) 
  • Your account/card balance is sufficient to pay for the purchase

If these don't help, please read How to resolve declined card payment?

Alternative payment methods

If there are still issues or you are not comfortable paying via debit/credit card, you can pay via the following alternative methods: PayPal payment or (SEPA) EUR Bank Transfer (European Union) or International Bank Wire Transfer. In event of any other questions, please contact us.

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