We treat Android equally important as iOS platform. Lots of devices and Android OS versions make it extremely challenging to deliver good quality and error-free app. That's why for Android we release smaller updates more often.

Changes to Android app are available publicly several hours after we release them. To use the latest app please upgrade your Swimmo Android app via Google Play Store for stable public releases. (You can also subscribe for beta releases.)

Have a look at most recent changes below.

Android v1.9.10 release Beta

  • [A] App is less strict on current GPS state handling when adding new people to your leaderboard
  • [A] Location/GPS permissions are still required for Bluetooth connection, but GPS may be turned off
  • [A] Bluetooth connection may work for you more consistent (with better results and times)
  • [A] More relaxed handling of locating methods - more choices should be supported
  • [A] Stability improvements

Android v1.9.9 release public

  • [A] Added support for upcoming new cobranded watch for new market segment
  • [A] Added note about Facebook auto posts no longer allowed
  • [A] Show all laps in history details for long distances - even over 7.5km
  • [A] Troubleshooting page improvements adding support for hardware revisions
  • [A] UI force LTR layout for Hebrew and Arabic
  • [A] UI RTL bugs should be fixed - right/left changed to end/start
  • [A] Fixed bug with 200+ lbs being out of range
  • [A] Bluetooth connection improvements (e.g. solving Huawei issue)
  • [A] Better logout handling when session becomes corrupted
  • [A] Improve realiability of HW/SW version detection
  • [A] Date (month) sync handling improvements
  • [A] Twitter integration improvements
  • [A] Better translations
  • [A] Stability and crash fixes
  • [A] Libraries update

Android v1.9.3 release public

  • [A] Watch connectivity - finally faster Bluetooth connection
  • [A] Watch connectivity - improved Bluetooth permissions handling
  • [A] Watch connectivity - fixed crash when BT was turned off during the process
  • [A] Watch connectivity - fixed crashes on watch sync screens (BT unrelated)
  • [A] Watch connectivity - searching screen - fixed layout for Android 8
  • [A] Troubleshooting - "reset the watch" option is now more powerful
  • [A] Workouts page - sum of laps time vs total time 1 sec difference fixed
  • [A] Workouts page - adjust pool length layout fixed on bigger screens & improved
  • [A] Login/profile - upper case letters in email address caused issues during password reset - fixes
  • [A] Login/profile - increase text size in pickers for eldery audience
  • [A] Login/profile - fixed position of "log out" button
  • [A] Login/profile - handle logout if user object is not properly synced
  • [A] Integrations - improve stability of Google Fit integration
  • [A] Integrations - improve stability of Twitter integration
  • [A] Integrations - Strava - fixed "Disallowed User Agent" for Google+ login method
  • [A] Integrations - phased out Endomondo/Swim.com integrations
  • [A] Integrations - fixed layout for Android 8
  • [A] Quality - updated libraries and dependencies
  • [A] Quality - various crash and bug fixes
  • [A] Quality - translations improvements
  • [A] Quality - layouts cleanup

Android v1.6.9 release public 

  • Stability fixes of async threads
  • Translation updates - major updates for Chinese and Russian
  • Dependencies update
  • Deprecation fixes
  • Crash fixes 

Android v1.6.8 release public

  • Minor maintenance release - several stability improvements and crash fixes.

Android v1.6.7 release public

  • Emergency fix for not uploading workouts - error introduced in v1.6.6 
  • Fixed NPEs because of unsuccesful response when connecting to integrations

Android v1.6.6 release public

  • Fixed "weight" resetting itself in profile edit screen in some cases.
  • Fixed query to not download deleted goals when reinstalling the app.
  • Faster upload/saving of lap details. 
  • Improvements in sharing message for English translations.
  • Improvements in Chinese translation of Troubleshooting screen.
  • Translations update for DA, JA, PL, PT, TH & CN.
  • Refactorings and crash/stability fixes.

Android v.1.6.5 release public

  • Urgent release to fix ANRs which are result of changes introduced in v1.6.4 

Android v1.6.4 release public

  • Bluetooth communication improvements - properly handle case when workouts filled watch memory in full and laps may be striped out. 
  • Proper sync of history objects between offline (local) and online storage: sync to online if workout was not saved online yet & remove duplicates from local db. 
  • More reliable way of saving Installation entry with app version information.
  • Added proper sync of goal objects between offline (local) and online storage to eliminate duplicates and removed entries in online database during data consistency checks.
  • Fixed Facebook sharing of individual workouts (this regression bug was introduced in one of recent releases).
  • Fixed crashes when scrolling the training goals and editing workouts for several user accounts.
  • Code refactoring, stability improvements and crash fixes. 
  • Updated dependencies and libraries.

Android v1.6.3 release public

  • Urgent release fixing internet checking for Android 7 devices (bug introduced today with release of Android v1.6.2, fixed at the same day).

Android v1.6.2 release public

  • Added logging of RAW Bluetooth data during workout sync to control this process completely and for easier debuging of edge cases 
  • Various Bluetooth communication improvements of multiple workout sync, general workout sync, background workout sync.
  • If you still have issues with workout sync, please try to uninstall old version of Swimmo app completly and after that download fresh one. If this doesn't help, get in touch so we can check based on implemented RAW Bluetooth logs.
  • Finished in-depth review of Bluetooth cases 

Android v1.6.1 release public

  • Improved performance of firmware update process - shortened the update process time as much as possible by reducing roundtrips of data
  • Fixed some edge timezone cases of wrong dates for workout dates or other date fields (previous entries of workouts were fixed too)
  • Various Bluetooth communication improvements in deleting goals, alerts about new firmware versions 
  • Fixed MapMyFitness integration - refreshToken was not saved before (if you had issues with MapMyFitness sync, please reconnect your account) 
  • Updated MapMyFitness/Under Armour API urls
  • Keep screen ON on all syncing screens
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes
  • Updated libraries/dependencies
  • Improved crash tracking - now with user IDs

Android v1.6.0 release public

  • This is major release which migrates our old backend to new online location. Currently used solution is being retired with end of January. As told by parse.com, "On January 28, 2017, any calls to the hosted Parse backend service will cease to function", so please make sure to use latest app before that.
  • Improved handling of BLE and location permissions
  • Improved scanning of Bluetooth
  • Major refactoring of some functions
  • Eliminated deprecated calls
  • Fixes of crashes- reached 98% of crash-free sessions
  • Added proper SNI support for SSL connections
  • Updated libraries/dependencies
  • Code cleanup - smaller app file size 
  • Incorporated changes from previous Beta revisions
  • Translations update, stability improvements

Android v1.5.14 (47) release Beta

  • Fixed bug of improper "This Facebook account is already used by another Swimmo user"
  • Adjusted webhooks to match refactoring changes in backend
  • Stability improvements.

Android v1.5.13 release Beta

  • Fixed leaderboard layout issue when friends are added
  • Fixed background images not showing up on extra high DPIs devices
  • Fixed login layout screen issues with background
  • Raise "min" Android version to required one: 4.4+ instead of 4.3+
  • App memory and various images optimization
  • Stability improvements

Android v1.5.11 release public

  • BLE Syncing - Speed up connection time for repeat Bluetooth pairings
  • BLE Firmware Update - Fixed restoring watch in unfinished update state (Boot Mode)
  • BLE Firmware Update - Don't turn off the "updating" screen when doing firmware update to prevent issues
  • BLE Syncing improvements in general
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes

Android v1.5.9 release public

  • BLE Syncing: fixed lost workouts issue for good
  • BLE Syncing: improved realiability of background sync
  • BLE Syncing: many other flow improvements
  • BLE Firmware Update: better handling of watches in BOOT mode
  • Fixed multiple questions about turning on Bluetooth
  • Unlock 1 min increments in PaceKeeper
  • Improvements in network availability detection
  • Fixed device information display in Troubleshooting
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes

Android v1.5.6 release public

  • New: BLE Firmware Update - continue from the same moment if connection breaks
  • New: BLE Syncing - added consistency checks to safeguard the data transfer
  • Fix: BLE Syncing - fixed issue with occasional workout data loss
  • Fix: BLE Syncing - fixed upload of long list of laps
  • Fix: BLE Syncing - proper result sync when adding new goal
  • Fix: BLE Syncing - fixed several edge cases/conditions

Android v1.5.5 release public

  • New: BLE Firmware Update - improved process - don't interrupr even if app is in background mode
  • Fix: BLE Syncing - fixed case of loosing connection when syncing new goal
  • Fix: BLE Syncing - fixed several edge cases/conditions
  • Fix: Stability fixes and improvements

Android v1.5.2 release public 

  • Fixed app crashes for Android 4.x, which were introduced in recent days with build v1.5.x due to libraries update
  • BLE Sync & Connect - reduced lookup time in half for watch search/connection
  • Introduced a way to gather feedback within app
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes

Android v1.5.0 release public 

  • BLE firmware update alerts now show up properly when new version is available
  • Bluetooth can now be turned off problem-free when app is in background mode
  • Fixed permission alerts - now they will show up only once
  • Even more stability fixes for BLE connectivity
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes
  • Translations & libraries update

Android v1.4.6

  • Fixed workout/lap sync when no internet connection
  • Several BLE edge cases fixed in Android mobile app.
  • Fixed BLE edge case of not restoring proper firmware when watch is in BOOT mode
  • Added "2/3" for 16.(6) m pools - popular in Germany.
  • Fixed firmware updates sorting.
  • Code optimizations, various crash and stability fixes.

Android v1.4.0

  • History list - fixed bad relative dates in some cases for newly synced workouts
  • Workout details - secured laps duplicates entries as well as showing up over 100 laps
  • BLE Connecting with the watch - fixed some edge cases of not connecting without message
  • BLE Connecting with the watch - after syncing workouts, the watch stays connected
  • BLE Syncing with the watch - fixed some data transfer issues e.g. when laps were not being saved in both new (post v1.1+) and old (pre v1.1) way of data transfer
  • BLE Syncing with the watch - fixed saving of workoutSyncedAt date which were missing when syncing took plase
  • Sharing message of each workout - distance was not counted properly in one type of message
  • GUI improvements - removed glow effect on overscroll
  • Stability improvements, all known crashes from logs are now fixed!

Android v1.3.0

  • Changed sync method with the watch for compatibility with iOS platform bugfix of syncing big workouts (The fix for syncing big workouts is partially live because the communication between app and watch was changed, so previous versions of watch software will still be affected, so you need to update your watch to v1.1 or later to solve this issue all together. This version of v1.1+ will be released after 2-3 days of Android app release, so people can update their apps first and then the watch itself)
  • Distance/Calories charts are now reversed with time in X axis as requested
  • Pace charts values are now counted per 100 yd/100 m/2 laps
  • Pace/Pulse charts in leaderboard section is now scaled properly
  • Fixed pulse avg count in stats over time and leaderboard for case when one of the workout has undetected pulse
  • Fixed history over time for periods at the start of the year (now shows correct workouts for the time periods near the start of the year)
  • Made "Add your own goal" option always white to be more visible, it is primary action overall
  • Changed basic "workout" wording to "tracking" for clarity (e.g. "Distance workout" -> "Distance tracking")
  • Fixed issue with firmware version number not properly saved in one edge case
  • Fixed wrong translation keys for metrics affecting several languages (e.g. Dutch)

Android previous releases

Changelog for previous releases were added on Google Play store.

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