In other sports, we are focused on bringing only the value that is missing on the market. That missing value for running or cycling is your heart rate

Swimmo doesn't measure your off-the-water workouts (e.g. run/bike) on its own, but by connecting it with any mobile application supporting heart rate sensors (e.g. Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and many more) you are able to track your other activities with heart rate information which Swimmo watch provides in real-time via Bluetooth Low Energy.

There are countless solutions for tracking steps including your own mobile phone or other popular mobile apps like Strava and we do not see the need to duplicate the features already available on the market. 

Swimmo was designed and built from the ground up with swimmers in mind and we want to serve this group better than anyone else on the market. From the very beginning we are focused on rich swimming functionality for our users.

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