Some users report this issue as: 

"After I switched my accounts, Swimmo app will no longer connect with the watch. Instead it shows "Authorization key incorrect" error message."


This error message occurs once you shared your Swimmo with someone else or simply you set up a new account without reseting the watch first.

Why is this happening:

For convienience, Swimmo app syncs workouts in background (and wipes it our after syncing). What's more by using mobile app, you are able to modify your personal settings on the watch such as your swimming goals and pool settings. 

That's why connection with Swimmo watch must be safe and protected, because there might be several people nearby with Swimmo app (e.g. families with multiple Swimmo watches, masters swimming group). 

For that reason once you set up your account and connect Swimmo for the first time, your watch is given an authorization key of your account. 

What to do next:

  • If you have access to the old account, login under your old account, connect with your watch, and then go to Swimmo app -> Settings -> Troubleshooting -> Reset the watch. It will clear auth key in the watch. Then without connecting again, sign out of your account and login under new account.
  • If you don't have access to the old account, you will need to reset your watch to factory settings.


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