Some users report this issue as:

"When I plug the USB cable nothing happens. If I press the watch to the charging clamps, the battery animation appears and when I stop pressing the watch, the watch behaves as if it was unplugged. If I continue pressing, it charges fine."


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Why is this happening:

A small fraction of plastic parts did not meet the desired tolerances, which could prevent the charger to have proper contact with the watch constantly. This may happen in mass production in a small percentage of units.

The retractable charger pins, being the only mechanical part, are also particularly vulnerable to being damaged. One pin being visibly shorter than the other might also indicate an issue with the charger, rather than the watch.

What to do next: 

First of all, please try verifying if this is indeed the issue described above:

  • press the watch firmly against the charger and see if it starts charging
  • verify if the charger pins are of the same height and take a photo that will verify the extend of this
  • to ensure that it is not the cable that is faulty, please try using a similar cable (micro USB) from a different device (e.g. your smartphone)

Once you have done so, please let us know (and include the relevant photo) and we will send you a replacement charger.

Based on the reported cases, we have evaluated our production process and fixed the root cause of the issue. New batches of chargers are not affected by this problem.

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