Some users report this issue as:

When I click on the integration it says "Currently not available due to technical issues with API."


Endomondo and are affected

Why is this happening:

Integration and syncing of swimming workouts is something we done a lot of times. Facebook, Twitter, Google Fit, Apple HealthKit, MapMyFitness (MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk, and MapMyHike), RunKeeper, Stava - all of them are sucessfully integrated with Swimmo apps. 

Why is that Endomondo and Swim,com are still "currently not available"? We are ready on Swimmo side. What is missing is summarized below:


Endomondo was aquired by Under Armour and therefore, they decided to stop development and integration of new apps with the plan of upcoming migration of technical APIs to Under Armour suite.

Sites currently integrated under this suite are: MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk, and MapMyHike - and Endomondo will join here as well. This integration with UA suite is done on Swimmo side. What is missing is Endomondo upcoming migration to UA suite. From previous communication, once they will migrate APIs and platform fully, they will let us know. We still wait on that, expecting it anytime. site 

Mentioned integration was partially integrated into our ecosystem during app development, but some issues were encougared with reliability of partner APIs (connectivity statuses, unreachable APIs, security tokens) which prevented from us finishing it without proper support on partner (swim,com) site. We still can deliver the integration on our side, depending on user interest as well as swim,com's api support on their end.

What to do next: 

What is the core reason of current state is on integration providers side. If you want it done, please do contact integration site as their user to help them prioritize better.

On top of the above, if you are +1 to any of the above integrations, let us know at, so we could move them a little up in our backlog.

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