This means that watch update didn't finish. Watch firmware on the watch is temporarily corrupted and simply needs restoring. Don't worry.

Some users report this issue as: 

"After the firmware update, Swimmo watch doesn't respond. I tried to reset the watch, but that doesn't work either. The green led is flashing, no response from the watch tapping or otherwise."


  • below 1% (iPhone) to approx. 3% (Android) for watch firmwares below v1.3.0
  • 0% (edge cases only) if you are using v1.3.0+ watch firmware

Why is this happening:

Firmware update is the process which erases current firmware and installs completely new one to the watch. It is comparable to reinstalling your operating system on your computer. This process is critical and needs to finish properly. 

Reported cases of this issue may come from:

  • using your phone heavily while your watch was still updating,
  • skipping the update process in the middle,
  • turning the phone/screen off during the update (Android only), 
  • using Internet heavily or "hot spot" feature (as both Internet and Bluetooth usually share the same communication antena in your phone).

What to do next:

We released a lot of improvements recently to reduce the cases of unfinished update process. This is addressed especially in version v1.3.0 of the watch firmware. We are constantly listening and improving firmware update process to make the experience better even in edge cases mentioned above.

Please follow these steps: 

  1. Please charge your watch for at least 2 hours as the battery may be nearly empty
  2. Make sure to update your mobile app to latest version (Android or iOS).
  3. Be sure to have Internet access (firmware needs to be downloaded).
  4. Just to be sure, please force close your app (Android or iOS instructions). 
  5. Open your Android or iOS app and simply reconnect.
  6. Your watch firmware should restore.

If the app didn't connect to watch...

If the above, doesn't help, let us know via email  

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