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To use Swimmo watch and app to the fullest, please check requirements to fullfil. In general Swimmo mobile app supports Android OS v4.4+ and above.

For Android phones to ensure proper Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity with Swimmo watch, you need to make sure you have the following:

Your phone has Bluetooth LE 

Make sure that your phone has Bluetooth Low Energy built-in. It is a hardware requirement. Most modern phones have one. Bluetooth Low Energy is sometimes also called "Bluetooth LE", "Bluetooth 4.0".

Bluetooth is turned ON 

Make sure to simply have Bluetooth turned ON.

GPS/Location service is turned ON

  • Required since Android 6.0+: Location needs to be turned ON to allow app to scan for Bluetooth devices or BLE beacons. This is beyond our control - it was also filled as bug report on Android and closed as "working as intended". This allows an app to access approximate or/and precise location and makes Bluetooth connectivity possible at all.
  • Required since Android 6.0+: GPS/Location setting HAVE to be set to High Accuracy (option is called "GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile Network").
  • For Android 4.x and 5.x GPS/Location is NOT required but may help on some devices in connectivity issues.

Verify that Swimmo app has proper permisions (Android v6.0+) 

  • GPS/Location permissions in ON. Allows an app to access approximate or/and precise location and makes Bluetooth connectivity possible at all.
  • GPS/Location setting is set to High Accuracy (option is called "GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile Network")*. 
  • Internet network access permissions are ON

Internet access ON for best experience 

If Internet access is disabled, the app will still work but some certain features may not be available e.g. integrations and leaderboard. Internet access also improves workouts/data sync as well as allows the app to save your workouts in the cloud safely. For best experience keep Internet access ON. 

If you are using Android v6.0.0 (not 6.0.1)...

There is a known Bluetooth issue in Android 6.0.0 (Marshmallow) internal code found out by Tile, which may affect Swimmo's connectivity with Android devices, making connectivity inoperable. Please update your Android OS system to release of 6.0.1 for proper syncing and Bluetooth support.

If Android v4.4 and lower...

Bluetooth Low Energy works stable for Android OS in version 4.4+ and above. If you happen to still have phone with lower Android version (e.g. 4.2), please update Android OS on your phone first.

If connectivity issues still persist...

Some Android phones have one hardware antena which is usually sharing resources between Internet/WiFi connection as well as Bluetooth connections.

Verify there is no some heavy data transfer in background - usually from apps like photo sync, files sync (, Dropbox, etc) - as this may affect performance of the hardware antenna.

To make sure that this is not temporary glitch, please do the following:

  • Reboot your phone
  • Put Swimmo next to your phone
  • Activate Bluetooth on your phone
  • Open the Swimmo app
  • Let Swimmo app connect to your watch (please try it few times if it doesn't happen the first time)

Also try clearing Bluetooth cache as described here

If points above doesn't bring you a success yet, please check that Swimmo is advertising and follow instructions there. 

We are also here to help. Contact us at with your phone model, Android version and detailed list of things which you already tried out.

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